Client Services

Catalog Production Services

We can assist in any phase in the preparation of a catalog. Whether your needs range from minor assistance on work for which you have a staff, but are overloaded (typical at the end of catalog preparation), to complete preparation of a catalog from raw merchandise - we can help you.

Specifically, we can provide assistance in the following ways:

  • Describing and cataloging merchandise
  • Additional background research on rare and valuable merchandise
  • Catalog photography
  • Data input of your catalog descriptions into our system. On this basis, you provide the basic descriptions, we do all the rest
  • Catalog layout
  • Catalog cover design
  • Print brokering - finding the best printer for your needs and budget
  • Consultation on any phase of catalog production

Auction Services

We can assist in any part of an auction. This includes:

  • Providing temporary help for such tasks as lot viewing or phone bidding
  • Providing an auctioneer to call the sale
  • Assistance with data entry during the auction
  • Assistance with third-party live auction software during the auction

Office Services

We can provide assistance in these areas:

  • Importation of large client lists
  • Accounting assistance, including auditing

Web Site Design

We can handle all phases of web site design, including:

  • Advising you on what kind of site is best for you
  • Domain name registration
  • Finding an appropriate site host
  • Graphics for the site
  • Database design
  • Ongoing management of your site
  • Software to help automate the management of your web site, if you wish to take over this task yourself, after your site is designed